Breakfast and Academics


Eating breakfast has been linked to better academic performance and cognitive function. How? Simple, the brain needs energy to function, like everything else in your body. Skipping breakfast deprives energy from the brain. Everything that the brain controls then suffers as a consequence of that.

Students who do not eat a regular breakfast and go to school hungry are found to be more restless and disruptive during school thus affecting their learning experience. I mean if you’re hungry, you aren’t going to be thinking of anything other than that sandwich at the bottom of your bag!


There have been many studies, in particular from the National Institute of Nutrition, to show that having a regular breakfast can increase cognitive function. This includes concentration, attention, mathematics, reading ability, memory and grades. There are even studies to show that those who ate breakfast made less mistakes in standardized tests and mathematics. Anything to help with maths, am i right?

In this study by Wesnes et al, there were four groups tested, two with breakfast, one with a glucose drink and the other with no breakfast. Not surprisingly the groups which at breakfast showed an improvement in attention and memory over the other two groups. However s urprisingly, by the time it was noon, the cognitive function of the breakfast eaters increased while the non eaters and glucose drinker’s cognitive function was almost half of the breakfast eaters!

It is even more important for children and teenagers to have a regular breakfast as their brains are still growing. The brain needs enough energy supplied to the brain in order for it to grow and develop properly. A study shows that the brain doesn’t really stop growing until late adolescence, around 16 to 18 years.


Besides from grades and academics which are improved, having breakfast means having more energy in the day to be active. This means that students are more likely to participate in activities such as sport, other physical activity or social interactions.

Overall, both academics and physical activity in a student can be greatly increased by having that first meal of the day before school.

Remember if you want to “Think like a beast, have your morning feast!”



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