Brekkie and the Beast!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why aren’t more people eating it?

According to Healthy Eating, 8-12% of school children are not eating breakfast and by the time they are teenagers, 20-30% of them have given up on it altogether!

Brekkie and the Beast is dedicated to promoting the benefits of having breakfast!

There are many reasons to why people, and especially teenagers are not eating breakfast. The list is long, from weight issues, to not feeling hungry, to having no time.

However, likewise, the list of benefits are long!

Having the same boring cereal everyday? No time to make breakfast in the morning? Don’t know how to cook? Well no excuses! This blog will give you easy and simple recipes that anyone can follow!

So get behind this cause!

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Remember if you want to “Think like a beast, have your morning feast!”